Local USE flag

Packages describing “external-filters” as local USE flag

Package “external-filters” Flag Description
app-arch/xz-utils Build additional filters that are not used in any of the default xz presets. This includes delta and BCJ coders, additional match finders and SHA256 checks.
dev-libs/libisoburn Also allow the use of external setuid processes as file content filters (Note: this is a potential security risk)
media-libs/mediastreamer Enable compilation of filters
net-dns/opendnssec Enables support for storing DNSSEC keys through an arbitrary non-portage PKCS#11 interface, specified through an environment variable
net-proxy/privoxy Allow to filter content with scripts and programs. Experimental
sci-libs/gsl Link gsl with external cblas provided by (virtual/cblas) instead of shipped internal version
sys-fs/ntfs3g Use external FUSE library instead of internal one. Must be disabled for unprivileged mounting to work.