Local USE flag

Packages describing “extra-cardsets” as local USE flag

Package “extra-cardsets” Flag Description
app-admin/clsync Enable extra security checks. This will hurt performance.
app-arch/xz-utils Build additional filters that are not used in any of the default xz presets. This includes delta and BCJ coders, additional match finders and SHA256 checks.
app-i18n/rime-data Install extra packages
app-misc/lcdproc Enable extra language specific charmaps.
app-text/texlive Add support for extra TeXLive packages
dev-libs/libclsync Enable extra security checks. This may hurt performance.
dev-php/pecl-event Add support of the Libevent extra API
games-board/pysolfc Install extra cardsets
media-fonts/noto Install full upstream font set
net-wireless/bluez Install tools that upstream doesn't install on purpose by default. All this tools shouldn't be used. Then, please notify upstream about you still need them to let them know the situation.
sys-block/f3 Build the additional f3probe, f3brew and f3fix utility (requires sys-block/parted and virtual/udev)
sys-fs/loop-aes Enable extra ciphers
www-servers/tomcat Build also the docs and examples webapp
x11-misc/colord Generate extra print profiles. Warning: significant build time and memory requirements.