Install a glade catalog file

Packages describing “glade” as local USE flag

Package “glade” Flag Description
x11-libs/gtksourceview Install a glade catalog file
x11-libs/gtkdatabox Build with libglade and glade-3 supports, which includes a glade's module for GtkDataBox widget
gui-libs/libhandy Install module and catalog for dev-util/glade
dev-util/gnome-builder Provide integration with dev-util/glade UI designer for Gtk
dev-libs/libpeas Install the glade catalog
gnome-base/libgnomecanvas Enable glade support
dev-util/anjuta Build glade plugin for anjuta
dev-ml/lablgtk Enable libglade bindings compilation.
dev-libs/libgweather Installs catalog files for dev-util/glade
xfce-base/libxfce4ui Build support for Glade 3's GtkBuilder implementation
dev-vcs/gitg Install a glade catalog file
x11-misc/gtkdialog Enable support for gnome-base/libglade

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