Enable dev-libs/glib support

Packages describing “glib” as local USE flag

Package “glib” Flag Description
dev-libs/efl Enable dev-libs/glib support
dev-libs/libverto Support event loops using dev-libs/glib
app-office/mdbtools Use functions provided by dev-libs/glib, not built-in
media-sound/pulseaudio Add support to dev-libs/glib-based mainloop for the libpulse client library, to allow using libpulse on glib-based programs. Build the GSettings PA module.
dev-libs/libical Enable dev-libs/glib interface support
dev-libs/ell Enable dev-libs/glib support
dev-libs/dbus-c++ Use glib integration
x11-libs/cairo Compile with GLib Object System support
media-libs/harfbuzz Enable dev-libs/glib unicode functions
net-libs/libnids Use dev-libs/glib for multiprocessing support

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