Global USE flag

Enable support for storing passwords via gnome-keyring

Packages describing “gnome-keyring” as local USE flag

Package “gnome-keyring” Flag Description
app-admin/salt Enable support for keyrings via python-keyring.
app-crypt/zulucrypt Enable support for the Secret Service API via app-crypt/libsecret
app-emulation/docker-credential-helpers Build secretservice helper which works with gnome-keyring or kwallet using D-Bus.
dev-libs/libgdata Enable net-libs/gnome-online-accounts support
gnome-base/gnome-control-center Enable configuration panel for net-libs/gnome-online-accounts accounts
gnome-base/gnome-light Install gnome-base/gnome-shell and x11-wm/mutter for the standard GNOME 3 desktop mode
gnome-base/gvfs Enable configuration panel for net-libs/gnome-online-accounts accounts
gnome-extra/evolution-data-server Enable net-libs/gnome-online-accounts based Google authentication support
media-plugins/grilo-plugins Enable net-libs/gnome-online-accounts support
media-sound/qmmp Enable Gnome hotkey support (requires Qt5DBus)
net-im/empathy Enable using net-libs/gnome-online-accounts for authorization (e.g. for Google Talk)
net-im/gajim Saving your password to your system keyring
net-libs/glib-networking Extract HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy configuration stored using GSettings
net-libs/gnome-online-accounts Use gnome-base/gnome-control-center to set GNOME online accounts preferences
net-libs/libproxy Enable support for reading proxy settings from GNOME
net-misc/wicd Install gnome-shell extension
net-p2p/retroshare Enables potentially insecure autologin capability via Gnome Keyring
x11-misc/gpaste Enable proper gnome support and enable gnome shell extension.
x11-misc/mugshot Add support for gnome-base/gnome-control-center
x11-terms/gnome-terminal Integrate with gnome-base/gnome-shell search
x11-themes/arc-theme Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell
x11-themes/vertex-theme Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell
x11-themes/zuki-themes Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell
x11-themes/zukitwo Install theme for gnome-base/gnome-shell