Build the gtk3 client

Packages describing “gtk3” as local USE flag

Package “gtk3” Flag Description
games-strategy/freeciv Build the gtk3 client
dev-python/matplotlib Enable x11-libs/gtk+:3 support
x11-misc/grsync Link against x11-libs/gtk+:3 instead of x11-libs/gtk+:2
x11-themes/arc-theme Install GTK+3 theme
media-libs/libcanberra Enables building of gtk+3 helper library, gtk+3 runtime sound effects and the canberra-gtk-play utility. To enable the gtk+3 sound effects add canberra-gtk-module to the colon separated list of modules in the GTK_MODULES environment variable.
net-misc/spice-gtk Build the spice client (spicy), requires x11-libs/gtk+:3
net-analyzer/pinger Install the gtkpinger GUI utility based on x11-libs/gtk+:3
app-i18n/scim Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
media-libs/opencv Enable x11-libs/gtk+:3 support
app-i18n/fcitx Install input method module for GTK+ 3
app-i18n/scim-anthy Enable support for x11-libs/gtk+:3
dev-libs/libdbusmenu Enable support for GTK+3
app-i18n/ibus Enable the GTK-3 input method module

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