Packages describing “midi” as local USE flag

Package“midi” Flag Description
app-accessibility/brlttysupport the musical instrument digital interface
games-action/dxx-rebirthEnforce that SDL-mixer is used and has midi support
games-arcade/performousEnable MIDI I/O support
games-fps/chocolate-doombasic support for MIDI files
games-simulation/corsix-thAdds support for background MIDI music via SDL_mixer
games-simulation/simutranssupport for background MIDI music via media-sound/fluidsynth
media-gfx/darktableSupport using MIDI input devices such as Behringer X-Touch Mini, Arturia Beatstep or Korg nanoKONTROL2, as input devices
media-libs/sdl2-mixerbasic support for MIDI files
media-libs/sdl-mixerbasic support for MIDI files
media-sound/linux-show-playerAllow cues to send, or trigger on, MIDI messages
media-sound/qmmpEnable midi support using wildmidi library
net-wireless/bluezEnable MIDI support

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