Packages describing “nfs” as local USE flag

Package“nfs” Flag Description
app-emulation/libvirtAllow using Network File System mounts as pool for disk image storage
app-emulation/qemuEnable NFS support
app-misc/lcdprocDisplay NFS filesystem stats in the lcdproc client.
gnome-base/gvfsEnable NFS client support via net-fs/libnfs.
kde-apps/kio-extrasEnable NFS support using net-libs/libtirpc
media-libs/xine-libAllow accessing NFS shares via net-fs/libnfs.
media-sound/mpdEnable support for the Network File System
media-tv/kodiEnable NFS client support
media-video/vlcEnable support for nfs protocol via net-fs/libnfs
sys-apps/iproute2Support RPC lookups via net-libs/libtirpc in ss
sys-apps/watchdogenable support for checking nfs mounts
sys-block/fioEnable NFS support

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