Enables OpenCV related code

Packages describing “opencv” as local USE flag

Package “opencv” Flag Description
sci-libs/libgeodecomp Enables OpenCV related code
media-gfx/yafaray Add support for media-libs/opencv image processing.
media-gfx/shotwell Enable face detection via media-libs/opencv
media-libs/mlt Build motion tracking module using media-libs/opencv
sci-libs/caffe2 Add support for image processing operators
games-emulation/mupen64plus-core Support video capture via media-libs/opencv
media-libs/libopenshot Enable media-libs/opencv support
media-gfx/gmic Enable support for webcams using the OpenCV library
media-gfx/nomacs Build support for media-libs/opencv
media-libs/openimageio Enable OpenCV support via media-libs/opencv
sci-libs/ViSP Enables media-libs/opencv support.
media-gfx/ueberzugpp Use media-libs/opencv for additional image formats and OpenCL accelerated scaling
media-gfx/qimgv Enable HQ scaling via media-libs/opencv

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