Packages describing “portmidi” as local USE flag

Package“portmidi” Flag Description
dev-python/midoSupport using media-libs/portmidi as MIDI back-end
games-emulation/hatariUse media-libs/portmidi as an alternative MIDI backend
games-engines/odamexEnable PortMidi support
games-fps/prboom-plusEnable support for MIDI via media-libs/portmidi
media-sound/audacityEnable support for MIDI via media-libs/portmidi
media-sound/csoundBuild the PortMIDI I/O module
media-sound/denemoEnable support for the media-libs/portmidi backend
media-sound/hydrogenAdd portmidi support
media-sound/musescoreEnable support for building against media-libs/portmidi

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