Local USE flag

Packages describing “qrcode” as local USE flag

Package “qrcode” Flag Description
app-admin/pass-otp Add support for qrcodes using media-gfx/qrencode
dev-ruby/barby Add support for QRCode 2D codes using dev-ruby/rqrcode.
kde-plasma/plasma-meta Enable support for easy WiFi network sharing using QR codes with kde-plasma/plasma-nm
kde-plasma/plasma-workspace Enable support for creating QR codes from clipboard data using kde-frameworks/prison
net-im/toxic Enables QR code support
net-misc/electron-cash Enable QR code scanning with media-gfx/zbar
net-misc/electrum Enable QR code scanning with media-gfx/zbar
net-misc/electrum-ltc Enable QR code scanning with media-gfx/zbar
net-p2p/bitcoin-qt Enable generation of QR Codes for receiving payments
net-p2p/pybitmessage Enable dev-python/qrcode for QR code support
sys-apps/systemd Enable qrcode output support in journal
sys-auth/google-authenticator-libpam-hardened Display QRcode after setup to accomodate automatic setup of OTP client apps.
www-servers/pshs Enable generating QRCodes for server URL
xfce-extra/xfce4-clipman-plugin Enable support for media-gfx/qrencode