Packages describing “sparse” as local USE flag

Package“sparse” Flag Description
sci-libs/adolcAdd support for sparse matrix algebra with sci-libs/colpack
sci-libs/ceres-solverEnable support for sparse matrix algebra with various packages from SuiteSparse
sci-libs/coinor-clpEnable support for sparse matrix with sci-libs/cholmod
sci-libs/dealiiAdd support for suitesparse (sci-libs/suitesparse)
sci-libs/matioExtend formats for sparse matrix (not matlab)
sci-libs/sundialsEnable support for sci-libs/klu sparse solver
sci-libs/trilinosAdd support for sparse matrix solvers (sci-libs/umfpack)
sci-libs/XNNPACKBuild with graph rewriting for sparse inference
sci-mathematics/octaveAdd enhanced support for sparse matrix algebra with SuiteSparse
sci-mathematics/petscUse suitesparse (sci-libs/suitesparse) including cholmod (sci-libs/cholmod) for sparse factorization

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