Local USE flag

Packages describing “system-boost” as local USE flag

Package “system-boost” Flag Description
app-admin/sudo Use message digest functions from dev-libs/libgcrypt, dev-libs/libressl or dev-libs/openssl instead of sudo's internal SHA2 implementation
app-arch/deltarpm Use system sys-libs/zlib. Do not enable features of rsync friendly.
app-emulation/xen-tools Using sys-firmware/seabios instead of the bundled one
app-i18n/ibus-libpinyin Compile against dev-libs/boost libraries
app-i18n/ibus-pinyin Enable support for dev-libs/boost
app-i18n/pyzy Enable support for dev-libs/boost
app-office/scribus Enable support for Boost based enhancement
app-pda/barry Enable boost support
app-text/podofo Add support for boost
app-text/sigil Use the system-wide dev-libs/mathjax instead of bundled
dev-db/soci Enable boost support
dev-games/ogre Enable boost support
dev-haskell/cmark use app-text/cmark instead of bundled copy
dev-haskell/hslua Use the system-wide lua instead of the bundled copy.
dev-haskell/yaml Use system libyaml instead on generic one
dev-java/icedtea Build against the system LCMS installation rather than the in-tree copy.
dev-lang/go Bootstrap using previously installed dev-lang/go
dev-lang/rust Use the system LLVM install
dev-lang/spidermonkey Use the system-wide dev-libs/icu instead of bundled -- note, only takes effect when icu flag is enabled
dev-libs/botan use dev-libs/boost
dev-libs/efl Use system liblz4 instead of bundled one
dev-libs/msgpack Enable boost support
dev-perl/Convert-UUlib Use dev-libs/uulib instead of bundled version.
dev-perl/DBD-SQLite Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite installation
dev-qt/qtwebengine Use the system-wide dev-libs/icu instead of bundled.
dev-util/apitrace Link dynamic against app-arch/snappy
dev-util/catalyst Pulls in the depends needed to setup livecd bootloader from the host system rather than using a cdtar
dev-util/cmake Use system copy of dev-libs/jsoncpp instead of bundled one.
dev-util/electron Use system OpenSSL instead of the bundled one
dev-util/emilpro Use the gentoo binutils instead of building against an unpatched vanilla version
dev-util/intel-ocl-sdk Use system Thread Building Blocks (dev-cpp/tbb) instead of bundled one
dev-vcs/fossil Use the system SQLite instead of the bundled one
games-emulation/ppsspp Use the system-wide media-video/ffmpeg instead of bundled
games-strategy/defcon-demo Use system libraries instead of the ones included in the upstream distribution.
games-strategy/freeciv Use dev-lang/lua instead of the bundled liblua
mail-client/thunderbird Use the system-wide media-libs/libwebp instead of bundled.
media-gfx/alembic Use dev-libs/boost library
media-gfx/pngcrush Use libpng and libz provided by system
media-libs/avidemux-core Use the ffmpeg provided by the system.
media-sound/pulseaudio Allow preparation and installation of the system-wide init script for PulseAudio. Since this support is only supported for embedded situations, do not enable without reading the upstream instructions at .
media-sound/vimpc Use boost instead of C++11 libraries
media-tv/kodi Use system ffmpeg instead of the bundled one
net-analyzer/nmap Use dev-lang/lua instead of the bundled liblua
net-fs/samba Use app-crypt/mit-krb5 instead of app-crypt/heimdal.
net-libs/wvstreams Use dev-libs/boost to provide TR1-compatible functional interface. This USE flag is only needed with GCC earlier than version 4.1, or with other compilares not providing said interface.
net-p2p/bitcoin-qt Use the system-wide dev-libs/leveldb instead of bundled
net-p2p/bitcoind Use the system-wide dev-libs/leveldb instead of bundled
sci-libs/adolc Use the boost allocator from dev-libs/boost
sci-libs/symengine Add support for boost integers(dev-libs/boost)
sci-libs/trilinos Add support for boost (dev-libs/boost)
sci-libs/vtk Add support for boost
sci-mathematics/petsc Use boost (dev-libs/boost)
sci-mathematics/singular Compile against external boost headers (dev-libs/boost)
sci-visualization/paraview Enable the usage of dev-libs/boost
sys-cluster/ceph Use system dev-libs/boost instead of the bundled one
sys-libs/libxcrypt Install as system rather than to an alternate directory (will collide with sys-libs/glibc's version)
sys-process/fcron Set up fcron to respect /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.d. If this flag is disabled, /etc/cron.d and /etc/crontab will be ignored, but /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly} will still be respected.
virtual/podofo-build Add support for boost
www-client/chromium Use system libvpx instead of the bundled one
www-client/firefox Use the system-wide media-libs/libwebp instead of bundled.
www-client/seamonkey Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite installation with secure-delete enabled