Local USE flag

Packages describing “user-socket” as local USE flag

Package “user-socket” Flag Description
app-admin/clsync Enable AF_UNIX control socket support.
app-crypt/gnupg try a socket directory which is not removed by init manager at session end
app-emulation/qemu Enable shared file system access using the FUSE protocol carried over virtio.
app-misc/ddcutil Adds a udev rules to allow non-root users in the i2c group to access the /dev/i2c-* devices. If usb-monitor is selected, users will need to be added to the video group to access the USB monitor. Otherwise, only root will be able to use ddcutil.
games-puzzle/numptyphysics Install some fun user-created levels
mail-filter/dspam Build with user homedir support
media-video/aravis Enable packet socket support.
net-analyzer/snort Enables Snort's control socket.
net-analyzer/suricata Enable unix socket
net-p2p/dbhub Enable support for switching user
net-p2p/retroshare Enables API via Unix socket support
net-wireless/bluez Allow compatibility with user-session semantics for session bus under systemd
sys-apps/dbus Enable user-session semantics for session bus under systemd
www-client/uget Enable JSON-RPC over unix domain socket