Packages describing “x265” as local USE flag

Package“x265” Flag Description
games-emulation/fceuxUse media-libs/x265 for video recording (HEVC)
media-libs/avidemux-pluginsEnables HEVC support with media-libs/x265.
media-libs/libheifUse media-libs/x265 for HEIF encoding
media-tv/mythtvEnable h265 encoding using x265
media-tv/tvheadendEnable transcoding with the HEVC video codec
media-video/ffmpegEnables HEVC encoding with media-libs/x265.
media-video/handbrakeSupport for encoding h265 using media-libs/x265.
media-video/vlcSupport X265 Encoder
net-misc/sunshineEnable software HEVC encoding via media-libs/x265

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