Packages describing “xrandr” as local USE flag

Package“xrandr” Flag Description
app-misc/fastfetchEnables support for Xrandr
dev-games/openscenegraphEnable support for the X xrandr extension
dev-games/openscenegraph-openmwEnable support for the X xrandr extension
dev-libs/libcecEnable detection of active HDMI using xrandr extensions
net-misc/rdesktopEnable XRandR window extension support
x11-misc/x11vncEnable support for the X xrandr extension
x11-misc/xkbdEnable XRandR support through x11-libs/libXrandr
x11-wm/e16Enable support for the X RandR extension via x11-libs/libXrandr
x11-wm/echinusEnable support for multihead configuration
x11-wm/notionAdd support for xrandr
x11-wm/ratpoisonEnable support for XRandR
x11-wm/windowmakerEnable XRandR window extension support

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