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net-libs/wandio Library for transparent file I/O with compression
dev-libs/zlog A reliable, thread safe, clear-model, pure C logging library.
dev-python/supervisor-quick Bypass supervisor's nasty callbacks stack and make it quick!
dev-python/dnslib Simple library to encode/decode DNS wire-format packets
dev-python/PyDbLite A fast, pure-Python in-memory database
dev-python/nose-descriptionfixer Fix the way tests are described when the verbose flag is used
dev-python/pockets A collection of helpful Python tools
dev-python/sphinxcontrib-napoleon Allow a different format in dosctrings for better clarity
dev-python/scapy-python3 Packet crafting/sending/... PCAP processing tool with python3 compatibility
dev-python/py-ubjson Universal Binary JSON encoder/decoder