The dev-ada category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Ada programming language.

ada_language_serveran implementation of the Microsoft Language Server Protocol for Ada/SPARK
ada_libfswatchAda binding to the libfswatch library
AdaSATImplementation of a DPLL-based SAT solver in Ada
aunitAda unit testing framework
awsA complete Web development framework
e3-coreEase the development of portable automated build systems
e3-testsuiteGeneric testsuite framework in Python
gnatcoll-bindingsGNAT Component Collection
gnatcoll-coreGNAT Component Collection Core packages
gnatcoll-dbGNAT Component Collection
gnatdocGNAT Documentation Generation Tool
gnatmemMonitors dynamic allocation and deallocation activity in a program
gnatsymbolizeTranslates addresses into filename, line number, and function names
gprLibGPR2 - Parser for GPR Project files
gprbuildMulti-Language Management
gprconfig_kbGPR configuration knowledge base
gpr-unit-providerGPR Unit Provider
gtkadaA complete Ada graphical toolkit
lal-refactorRefactoring tools for the Ada programming language
langkitA Python framework to generate language parsers
libadalanghigh performance semantic engine for the Ada programming language
libadalang-toolsLibadalang-based tools: gnatpp, gnatmetric and gnatstub
libgprAda library to handle GPRbuild project files
markdownProvides a markdown parser written in Ada
spawnSimple API to spawn processes
templates-parserA template engine
VSSA high level string and text processing library
xmladaSet of modules that provide a simple manipulation of XML streams


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