The dev-tex category contains libraries and tools useful when working with TeX and TeX-based environments such as LaTeX.

abntexLaTeX macros for writing documents following the ABNT norms
biberA BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex
biblatexReimplementation of the bibliographic facilities provided by LaTeX
biblatex-gostBiblatex styles for Russian GOST 7.0.5-2008 bibliography standard
bibtex2htmlA bibtex to HTML converter
bibtexu8-bit Implementation of BibTeX 0.99 with a Very Large Capacity
catdviDVI to plain text translator
culmus-latexCulmus fonts support for latex
dot2texGraphviz to LaTeX converter
dvi2grDVI to Grace translator
foiltexLaTeX package used to create foils and slides
frakturxCollection of blackletter fonts for LaTeX
glossariesCreate glossaries and lists of acronyms
heveaHeVeA is a quite complete and fast LaTeX to HTML translator
html2latexPerl script to convert HTML files into formatted LaTeX
hyphen_showShow hyphenations in DVI files
ivritexHebrew support for TeX
jlcodeLaTeX package, language definition for Julia source code syntax highlighting
latex2htmlConvertor written in Perl that converts LaTeX documents to HTML
latex2rtfLaTeX to RTF converter
latex-beamerLaTeX class for creating presentations using a video projector
latex-calendarLaTeX package used to create Calendars. Very flexible and robust
latexdiffCompare two latex files and mark up significant differences
latexmkPerl script for automatically building LaTeX documents
lgrindA pretty printer for various programming languages with tex output
mintedLaTeX package for source code syntax highlighting
pdfannotextractorExtract annotations from pdf files
pgfThe TeX Portable Graphic Format
pscyrType1 cyrillic fonts collection
pythontexFast Access to Python from within LaTeX
railOffers syntax/railroad diagrams
rubberA LaTeX wrapper for automatically building documents
serienbriefEasy creation of form letters written in LaTeX
sketchProduces drawings of two- or three-dimensional solid objects and scenes for TeX
style-checkParses LaTeX-formatted text in search of forbidden phrases
tex4htConverts (La)TeX to (X)HTML, XML and
tthTranslate TEX into HTML
vcThe vc (version control) bundle


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