The gnustep-apps category contains GNUstep applications.

aclockAnalog dockapp clock for GNUstep
addressesApple Addressbook work alike (standalone and for GNUMail)
afficheAffiche allows people to 'stick' notes
batmondisplays the status of your laptop battery
cdplayerSmall CD Audio Player for GNUstep
cenonCenon is a vector graphics tool for GNUstep, OpenStep and MacOSX
cynthiuneFree software and romantic music player for GNUstep
fisicalabeducational application to solve physics problems
ftpFTP client for GNUstep
gemasa simple code editor for GNUstep
gminesThe well-known minesweeper game
gnumailFully featured mail application for GNUstep
gormA clone of the NeXTstep Interface Builder application for GNUstep
graphosvector drawing application centered around bezier paths
gshisenThe first GNUstep game, similar to Mahjongg
gspdfPostscript and Pdf Viewer using GhostScript
gworkspaceA workspace manager for GNUstep
lapispuzzlea Tetris-like game where each player is effected by the others game play
laternamagicaan image viewer and slideshow application
mpdconGNUstep client for the Music Player Daemon
pictureframedigital picture frame software
pikopixela free application for drawing & editing pixel-art images
previewSimple image viewer
pricePrecision Raster Image Convolution Engine
projectcenterAn IDE for GNUstep
simpleagendaa simple calendar and agenda application
sogoGroupware server built around and the SOPE application server
systempreferencesSystem Preferences is a clone of Apple OS X' System Preferences
talksoupIRC client for GNUstep
terminalA terminal emulator for GNUstep
texteditA text editor with font, color, and style capabilities for GNUstep
zipperZipper is a tool for inspecting and extracting compressed archives


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