The kde-misc category contains various miscellaneous KDE packages. In general, packages here are extensions of the KDE desktop environment (ioslaves, command center modules, plasmoids, ...), while KDE applications that do not rely on the desktop environment better suit other categories.

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about-distro KCM displaying distribution and system information
adjustableclock Plasmoid to show date and time in adjustable format using rich text
akonadi-git-resource Git commit integration in Akonadi
baloo-kcmadv Alternative configuration module for the Baloo search framework
basket A DropDrawers clone. Multiple information organizer
bkodama A friendly, yet very simple-minded Kodama (Japanese ghost) wandering on your desktop
chromi Titlebar-less decoration inspired by Google Chrome and Nitrogen minimal mod
colibri Alternative to KDE4 Plasma notifications
colord-kde Provides interfaces and session daemon to colord
commandwatch KDE4 plasmoid which periodically runs a system command and displays its output
cpuload KDE4 plasmoid that shows CPU load on the screen
customizable-weather KDE Plasma 4 weather plasmoid. It aims to be highly customizable.
drop2ftp KDE4 plasmoid. Add files over KIO supported protocols, like ftp and ssh
emerging-plasmoid Portage emerge progress plasmoid
eventlist Plasmoid showing the events from Akonadi resources
eyesaver KDE4 plasmoid. Reminds us to take our eyes off the screen
fancytasks Task and launch representation plasmoid
fsrunner FSRunner give you instant access to any file or directory you need
geekclock Geeky Clock KDE4 Plasmoid
gx-mail-notify Plasmoid for checking unread mail
hdaps_monitor KDE-based monitor for the IBM HDAPS system
homerun Application launcher for KDE Plasma desktop
kanyremote KDE frontend to Anyremote
kbiff New mail notification utility
kbstateapplet Plasmoid that shows the state of keyboard leds
kcaldav CalDAV support plugin for KDE Kontact
kcm-grub2 KCModule for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader
kcm-touchpad KCM, daemon and applet for touchpad
kcm-ufw KCM module to control the Uncomplicated Firewall
kcollectd Simple KDE-based live data viewer for collectd
kcometen4 OpenGL KDE4 screensaver
kde-gtk-config KDE systemsettings kcm to set GTK application look&feel
kdeconnect Adds communication between KDE and your smartphone
kdesudo A frontend for sudo. Unlike kdesu, it uses directly sudo as backend
kdiff3 Qt/KDE based frontend to diff3
kdirstat Nice KDE replacement to the du command
kdmthemegenerator Generates kdm theme from your current plasma theme and wallpaper
kepas A zeroconf KDE4 filetransfer tool
kfilebox KDE dropbox client
kgrubeditor A KDE utility that edits GRUB configuration files
kim4 A Dolphin and Konqueror service menu for ImageMagick
kimtoy An input method frontend for Plasma
kio-ftps KDE ftps KIO slave
kio-gdrive KIO Slave for Google Drive service
kio-locate Locate KIO slave for KDE
kio-mtp MTP KIO-Client for KDE
kio-slp Service Location Protocol component for KIO
kio_gopher Gopher Kioslave for Konqueror
kolor-manager KControl module for Oyranos CMS cross desktop settings
konstruktor LEGO CAD
kookie Manage recipes and shopping lists
kopete-antispam Antispam filter for Kopete instant messenger
kopete-thinklight A thinkpad's light flash on every incoming message
kover An easy to use WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support
kprayertime Islamic Prayer Times Plasmoid
kraidmonitor Indicator widget for raid arrays
krcstat A Gentoo system management tool
krecipes A recipe application by KDE
krename KRename - a very powerful batch file renamer
krunner-googletranslate Krunner plug-in for Google translate service
krunner-kopete-contacts A krunner plug-in that allows you to open conversation with your contact
krusader An advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE with many extras
kscreen Alternative KDE screen management
kshutdown A shutdown manager for KDE
ksplasher A KSplashX engine (KDE4) Splash Screen Creator
ktoshiba Function key (FN) monitoring for Toshiba laptops
ktrafficanalyzer A network traffic visualizer
kvkbd A virtual keyboard for KDE
kwebkitpart A WebKit KPart for Konqueror
milou Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo
miniplayer Multimedia player plasmoid
networkmanagement KDE frontend for NetworkManager
nightmode kwin plugin that makes the entire screen darker
nvdevmon A device monitor for NVIDIA cards
openofficeorg-thumbnail KDE thumbnail-plugin that generates thumbnails for ODF files
plasma-applet-daisy Simple application launcher for KDE 4's plasma desktop
plasma-applet-redshift-control Plasma 5 applet for controlling redshift
plasma-emergelog KDE4 plasmoid for monitoring emerge progress
plasma-lionmail A Plasma widget displaying new and important email
plasma-mpd-nowplaying Plasmoid attached to MPD displaying currently played item
plasma-network-status KDE applet to monitor the network interface status
plasma-nm KDE Plasma applet for NetworkManager
plasma-photooftheday Photo of the Day plasmoid
plasma-widget-menubar A Plasma widget to display menubar of application windows
plasma-widget-message-indicator Plasmoid for displaying Ayatana indications
plasma-wifi KDE4 plasmoid. Displays the currect signal strength
plasmatvgr KDE4 plasmoid which shows greek TV program
plasmoid-workflow Plasmoid that integrates Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities in one component
pyrad A wheel type command interface for KDE, heavily inspired by Kommando
quadkonsole Grid of Konsole terminals
quickaccess KDE4 plasmoid. Designed for the panel, provides quick access to the most used folders
redshift-plasmoid KDE4 plasmoid for redshift
rsibreak Small utility which bothers you at certain intervals
semantik Mindmapping-like tool for document generation
serverstatuswidget KDE plasma widget used for monitoring servers via ping or tcp connect
skanlite KDE image scanning application
smooth-tasks Alternate taskbar KDE plasmoid, similar to Windows 7
stdin-plasmoid KDE4 plasmoid for executing a process and capturing its stderr and stdout
steamcompanion Connector for web Steam service from Valve
stock-quote Displays stock quotes pulled from the Yahoo! servers
synaptiks Touchpad configuration and management tool for KDE
systemd-kcm Plasma control module for systemd
takeoff A tablet desktop style app launcher
tellico A collection manager for the KDE environment
wacomtablet KControl module for Wacom tablets
wicd-client-kde Wicd client built on the KDE Development Platform
yakuake Quake-style terminal emulator based on konsole
yawp Yet Another Weather Plasmoid
zanshin Todo management application by KDE


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