The net-firewall category contains network firewall software.

arno-iptables-firewallArno's iptables firewall script
arptablesSet up, maintain, and inspect the tables of ARP rules in the Linux kernel
conntrack-toolsConnection tracking userspace tools
ebtablesControls Ethernet frame filtering on a Linux bridge, MAC NAT and brouting
fermCommand line util for managing firewall rules
fireholiptables firewall generator
firewalldFirewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall
fwbuilderA firewall management GUI for iptables, PF, Cisco routers and more
fwknopSingle Packet Authorization and Port Knocking application
ipkungfuA nice iptables firewall script
ipsetIPset tool for iptables, successor to ippool
iptablesLinux kernel (2.4+) firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools
ipt_netflowNetflow iptables module
itvalIptables policy testing and validation tool
lutelwallIPTables firewall setup script
nfacctCommand line tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects in NetFilter
nftablesLinux kernel firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools
nftlbnftables load balancer
pglinuxPrivacy oriented firewall application
psadPort Scanning Attack Detection daemon
rtsp-conntrackRTSP conntrack module for Netfilter
shorewallA high-level tool for configuring Netfilter
ufwA program used to manage a netfilter firewall
xtables-addonsiptables extensions not yet accepted in the main kernel


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