apertium Shallow-transfer machine Translation engine and toolbox
boinc The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
cdfplayer Wolfram Player for the interactive Computable Document Format (CDF)
fitscut Extract cutouts from FITS image files
fitsverify FITS file format checker
flashdot Generator for psychophysical experiments
gato Graph Animation Toolbox
gt-itm Routines to generate / analyze graphs using models for internetwork topology
h5utils Utilities for visualization and conversion of HDF5 files
lttoolbox Toolbox for lexical processing, morphological analysis and generation of words
mendeleydesktop Research management tool for desktop and web
nco Command line utilities for operating on netCDF files
ncview X-based viewer for netCDF files
netlogo-bin Cross-platform multi-agent programmable modeling environment
oww A one-wire weather station for Dallas Semiconductor
tango Tango is an Open Source solution for SCADA and DCS
ViSP-images ViSP images data set
vitables A graphical tool for browsing / editing files in both PyTables and HDF5 formats


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