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qperf Measure RDMA and IP performance
srptools Tools for discovering and connecting to SRP CSI targets on InfiniBand fabrics
libibverbs A library to use InfiniBand 'verbs' for direct access to IB hardware
libmlx5 OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox ConnectIB HCA
libibumad OpenIB User MAD lib functions which sit on top of the user MAD kernel modules
libnes NetEffect RNIC Userspace Library
libehca OpenIB - IBM eServer eHCA Infiniband device driver for Linux on POWER
libibcm OpenIB Userspace CM library
rds-tools OpenIB userspace rds-tools
libmlx4 OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox ConnectX HCA
libibmad OpenIB library provides the API for use interfacing with IB management programs
libipathverbs OpenIB userspace driver for the PathScale InfiniBand HCAs
libmthca OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs
libocrdma OpenIB userspace driver for Emulex OneConnect RDMA
mstflint Mstflint - an open source version of MFT (Mellanox Firmware Tools)
ofed OpenIB system files
opensm OpenSM - InfiniBand Subnet Manager and Administration for OpenIB
perftest OpenIB uverbs micro-benchmarks
ibacm IB CM pre-connection service application
infiniband-diags OpenIB diagnostic programs and scripts needed to diagnose an IB subnet
infinipath-psm OpenIB userspace driver for the PathScale InfiniBand HCAs
libcxgb3 OpenIB - driver for Chelsio T3-based iWARP (RDMA over IP/ethernet)
libcxgb4 OpenIB - driver for Chelsio T4-based iWARP (RDMA over IP/ethernet)
dapl OpenIB - Direct Access Provider Library
librdmacm OpenIB userspace RDMA CM library