Pkgcheck Warnings

  • All Versions
    • UnstableOnly
      for arches: [ amd64, arm64 ], all versions are unstable: [ 0_p20170401 ]
    • MissingRemoteId
      missing <remote-id type="github">go-yaml/yaml</remote-id> (inferred from URI '')
  • 0_p20170401
    • DeprecatedEclass
      uses deprecated eclass: golang-vcs-snapshot (migrate to go-module.eclass)
    • DeprecatedEapi
      uses deprecated EAPI 6
    • DeprecatedEclass
      uses deprecated eclass: golang-build (migrate to go-module.eclass)
    • EmptyGlobalAssignment
      line 22: empty global assignment: IUSE=""

Pkgcheck is used regularly to generate QA reports. Pkgcheck is a pkgcore-based QA utility for ebuild repos.