Portland utils for cross-platform/cross-toolkit/cross-desktop interoperability


Pkgcheck Warnings

  • All Versions
    • MissingRemoteId
      missing remote-id of type 'freedesktop-gitlab' with value 'xdg/xdg-utils' (inferred from URI 'https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xdg/xdg-utils/-/archive/1a58bc28f6844898532daf9ee1bf6da7764955a9/xdg-utils-1.1.3_p20210805.tar.bz2')
    • UnstableOnly
      for arch: [ hppa ], all versions are unstable: [ 1.1.3_p20210805, 1.1.3_p20210805-r1 ]
  • 1.1.3_p20210805-r1
  • 1.1.3_p20210805
    • PotentialStable
      slot(0), stabled arches: [ amd64, arm, arm64, ppc, ppc64, sparc, x86 ], potential: [ ~hppa ]

Pkgcheck is used regularly to generate QA reports. Pkgcheck is a pkgcore-based QA utility for ebuild repos.