local USE flag

Enable archiving plugin

Packages describing “archive” as local USE flag

Package “archive” Flag Description
mail-client/claws-mail Enable archiving plugin
media-gfx/pqiv Enable support for images in archives and cbX comic book files
media-video/mpv Enable support for various archive formats via app-arch/libarchive
media-sound/hydrogen Use libarchive instead of libtar
dev-libs/totem-pl-parser Enables ISO detection with app-arch/libarchive
net-irc/epic5 Use app-arch/libarchive to use zip and tar archives from scripts.
dev-util/ostree Use libarchive
www-apache/mod_musicindex Add archive support
media-sound/qmmp Enable archiving plugin via app-arch/libarchive.
games-emulation/pcsxr Support compressed files (via libarchive)
media-video/vlc Enable support for libarchive stream extractor
gnome-base/gvfs Enables support for accessing files in archives transparently via app-arch/libarchive
mail-client/evolution Enable archives support in attachments via app-arch/gnome-autoar
media-libs/libextractor Enable archive support using app-arch/libarchive
dev-lang/swi-prolog Use libarchive for extension packs
sci-libs/avogadrolibs Enable archive support using app-arch/libarchive
sys-apps/fwupd Use app-arch/libarchive for archives support

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