Local USE flag

Packages describing “cron” as local USE flag

Package “cron” Flag Description
app-admin/hddtemp Monthly cronjob to update hddtemp.db.
app-admin/logrotate Installs cron file
app-admin/packagekit-base Install cron script for auto-update
app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs Install an hourly cron job to /etc/cron.d that runs the updates as the clamav user (instead of root), with an appropriate home directory and shell. The same cron job is installed as documentation when this flag is disabled.
app-crypt/dehydrated Install cron job to sign/renew non-existent/changed/expiring certificates
app-forensics/chkrootkit Install cron script for weekly rootkit scans
app-portage/pfl Adds a cron job which does a weekly submit of the package database
kde-apps/kdeadmin-meta Installs KDE application for virtual/cron configuration
mail-filter/spamassassin Install a cron job to update SpamAssassin's rules daily.
net-analyzer/gvm A cron job to update GVM's vulnerability feeds daily
net-analyzer/openvas-scanner Install a cron job to update GVM's feed daily.
net-firewall/pglinux Install cron script
sys-apps/etckeeper Install cron script
sys-apps/pcsc-tools Monthly cronjob the update-smartcard_list script
sys-fs/e2fsprogs Install e2scrub_all cron script
sys-process/systemd-cron Include support for the boot timer.