Local USE flag

Packages describing “daemon” as local USE flag

Package “daemon” Flag Description
app-emulation/lxd Build the system daemon, not just the client tool
dev-libs/libcgroup Install the configuration tools and init/config files.
mail-filter/dspam Enable support for DSPAM to run in --daemon mode
net-irc/znc Allow znc to run as a system-wide service. Installs an init script and creates a znc user:group.
net-libs/tox Enable the DHT Bootstrap Daemon.
net-p2p/amule Enable amule daemon
net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp Enable eiskaltdcpp-daemon
net-p2p/rtorrent Uses app-misc/screen to daemonize this application
sys-apps/smartmontools Install the monitoring daemon (smartd) and associated scripts.
www-apps/tt-rss Install additional init scripts for automated RSS updates