local USE flag

Packages describing “deprecated” as local USE flag

Package“deprecated” Flag Description
app-text/htmltidyInstall tools and header files which are now considered deprecated
dev-games/godotEnable support for deprecated features
dev-games/ogreBuild deprecated nodeless positioning of Lights and Cameras.
dev-lang/luamake deprecated data structures/routines available
dev-scheme/guileEnable deprecated features
media-libs/vipsEnable deprecated components
net-misc/asteriskEnable deprecated features (eg, app_macro)
net-wireless/bluezBuild deprecated plugins
sci-electronics/ngspiceBuild old and deprecated apps
sci-libs/gslEnable deprecated functions
sci-libs/lapackAlso build deprecated functions
x11-libs/libXawInstall deprecated Xaw6 library.
x11-misc/urxvt-perlsInstall scripts which have been marked as deprecated by upstream

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