Packages describing “extra” as local USE flag

Package“extra” Flag Description
app-i18n/rime-dataInstall extra packages
app-shells/nushellEnable less stable or less common commands
app-text/texliveAdd support for extra TeXLive packages
dev-php/pecl-eventAdd support of the Libevent extra API
media-fonts/notoInstall full upstream font set including condensed, semi-bold, extra-light variants
media-video/pipewireBuild pw-cat/pw-play/pw-record
sci-physics/lammpsAdditional compute, dump, fix, molecular, pair styles
sys-block/f3Build the additional f3probe, f3brew and f3fix utility (requires sys-block/parted and virtual/udev)
sys-devel/clangBuild extra tools (clangd, clang-tidy and a few more)

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