Computes a file's digest using libavutil algorithms.

Other “fftools” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use Flag Description
fftools_graph2dot A tool to convert a libavfilter graph to a dot file.
fftools_cws2fws converts cws files (Macromedia Flash, compressed) to fws ones (Macromedia Flash, uncompressed).
fftools_ismindex A tool for creating smooth streaming manifests.
fftools_pktdumper Dumps packets as demuxed by libavformat.
fftools_fourcc2pixfmt Shows the relationships between rawvideo pixel formats and FourCC tags.
fftools_aviocat cat's a URL to another one, useful for dumping streams.
fftools_qt-faststart Rearranges a Quicktime file to facilitate network streaming.
fftools_trasher Writes burts of random data into a file. Great for testing error robustness/resilience/concealment.
fftools_ffescape Escapes an input string, adopting the av_get_token() escaping logic.
fftools_sidxindex Write an MPD file for fragmented MP4 files with a sidx index at the start of the file.
fftools_ffeval A simple expression evalutor.
fftools_ffhash Computes a file's digest using libavutil algorithms.