Enable vmblock-fuse/vmhgfs-fuse

Packages describing “fuse” as local USE flag

Package “fuse” Flag Description
app-emulation/open-vm-tools Enable vmblock-fuse/vmhgfs-fuse
app-emulation/podman Enables fuse dependencies (fuse-overlayfs is especially useful for rootless mode).
app-emulation/libguestfs Enable image mount support via sys-fs/fuse
gnome-base/gvfs Enables fuse mount points in $HOME/.gvfs for legacy application access
app-forensics/afflib Enable extra fuse thingies
net-libs/xrootd Enable the sys-fs/fuse filesystem driver
net-misc/x2goserver Use net-fs/sshfs to allow shared folders
sys-apps/usermode-utilities Build tools (currently umlmount) needing fuse
app-arch/wimlib Use fuse libraries
app-crypt/swtpm Support sys-fs/fuse based /dev/tpm interface
app-emulation/qemu Enables FUSE block device export
app-emulation/uade Enable sys-fs/fuse uadefs frontend for on-the-fly WAV conversion
app-forensics/libewf Enable fuse support for ewfmount
games-util/wit Enable image mount support via fuse
app-emulation/libvirt Allow LXC to use sys-fs/fuse for mount points
net-fs/openafs Build fuse client.
net-misc/apt-cacher-ng Install the sys-fs/fuse based acngfs, to use a userspace filesystem for the apt cache.
net-misc/casync Enable fuse support
sys-apps/s390-tools build cmsfs-fuse to read files stored on a z/VM CMS disk
sys-cluster/glusterfs Add FUSE mount helper
sys-fs/ntfs3g Enable ntfs-3g FUSE driver
sys-cluster/ceph Build fuse client
sys-fs/android-file-transfer-linux Add FUSE mount helper
sys-fs/e2fsprogs Build fuse2fs, a FUSE file system client for ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems

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