Packages describing “gcrypt” as local USE flag

Package“gcrypt” Flag Description
app-admin/rsyslogAdd support for encrypted log files using dev-libs/libgcrypt
app-admin/sudoUse message digest functions from dev-libs/libgcrypt instead of sudo's
app-backup/darEnables strong encryption support
app-crypt/qcaEnable gcrypt plugin
app-emulation/fuse-utilsUse dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.
app-emulation/libspectrumUse dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.
dev-libs/xmlsecInstall xmlsec-gcrypt library
dev-perl/Net-SSH2Use libgcrypt instead of openssl
media-video/ffmpegEnables gcrypt support: Needed for rtmp(t)e support if openssl, librtmp or gmp is not used.
media-video/vlcEnable cryptography support via libgcrypt
net-analyzer/hydraEnable radmin2 support through dev-libs/libgcrypt
net-libs/libgsaslUse dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto
net-libs/libsshUse dev-libs/libgcrypt as TLS provider
net-libs/libssh2Use dev-libs/libgcrypt instead of dev-libs/openssl
net-misc/gsaslUse dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto
net-vpn/strongswanEnable dev-libs/libgcrypt plugin which provides 3DES, AES, Blowfish, Camellia, CAST, DES, Serpent and Twofish ciphers along with MD4, MD5 and SHA1/2 hash algorithms, RSA and DH groups 1,2,5,14-18 and 22-24(4.4+). Also includes a software random number generator.
sys-apps/systemdEnable use of dev-libs/libgcrypt for various features
sys-auth/mungeUse libgcrypt instead of openssl
sys-fs/cryptmountSupport libgcrypt-encryption of keys.
sys-fs/cryptsetupUse dev-libs/libgcrypt crypto backend

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