local USE flag

Enable transparency support using x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf

Packages describing “gdk-pixbuf” as local USE flag

Package “gdk-pixbuf” Flag Description
x11-terms/rxvt-unicode Enable transparency support using x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf
x11-wm/icewm Enable gdk-pixbuf rendering
media-libs/libjxl Build a gdk-pixbuf loader
media-libs/libheif Enable x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf plugin
media-libs/libavif Build a gdk-pixbuf loader
www-client/w3m Enable support for x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf
gui-apps/swaylock Enable additional image format support via the x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf library
gui-apps/swaybg Support image types other than PNG
x11-misc/xscreensaver Include support for the x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf library in some demos, which will make it possible for them to read GIF, JPEG, and PNG files as well

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