Packages describing “http” as local USE flag

Package“http” Flag Description
app-admin/syslog-ngEnable support for HTTP destinations
app-misc/olaEnable built-in Web UI
dev-libs/xmlsecAllow fetching over HTTP via libxml2.
gnome-base/gvfsEnable the HTTP/DAV backend using net-libs/libsoup
gnome-extra/libgdaEnable embedded net-libs/libsoup based server
media-libs/opusfileEnable http connections
media-plugins/audacious-pluginsSupport HTTP streams through neon
media-plugins/gst-plugins-metaEnable http streaming via net-libs/libsoup
media-sound/herrieEnable http streaming
net-analyzer/echopingenable support for http protocol.
net-analyzer/muninInstall dev-perl/libwww-perl required for monitoring HTTP-based services such as Apache and nginx. Disabling the flag does not remove any plugin file.
net-im/dinoEnable HTTP file upload plugin
net-irc/iroffer-dinoexCompile with HTTP server support
net-libs/wandioBuild support for reading files over HTTP using net-misc/curl
net-libs/xrootdEnable http protocol support
net-mail/cyrus-imapdEnable http and http/2 support
net-misc/asteriskEnable embedded web server
sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorderEnable support for the built-in HTTP REST API
sci-physics/rootEnable http server support including but not limited to fastcgi support
sys-apps/systemdEnable embedded HTTP server in journald
www-servers/koreAdd support for HTTP
www-servers/nginxEnable HTTP core support

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