Local USE flag

Packages describing “innodb-snappy” as local USE flag

Package “innodb-snappy” Flag Description
app-emulation/qemu Enable support for snappy compression
app-misc/carbon-c-relay add support for Snappy compressed transport
dev-db/mariadb Enables lzo compression methods for InnoDB/XtraDB
dev-libs/c-blosc Enable snappy compression
dev-libs/leveldb support the snappy compression library
dev-python/fastparquet Enable support for snappy compression
dev-python/kafka-python Install snappy compression/decompression support
dev-util/apitrace Link dynamic against app-arch/snappy
media-video/ffmpeg Enable app-arch/snappy support. Required for e.g. Vidvox Hap encoder.
net-analyzer/wireshark Use app-arch/snappy for snappy compression and decompression
sys-fs/lessfs Enable snappy compression using the app-arch/snappy library