Global USE flag

Add support for KDE (K Desktop Environment)

Packages describing “kde” as local USE flag

Package “kde” Flag Description
app-crypt/zuluCrypt Enable support for KDE, e.g. via kde-apps/kwalletd. This does not control the gui, but NEEDS GUI ENABLED!
dev-python/PyQt4 Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
dev-qt/qt-meta Select media-libs/phonon as Phonon variant (needed for KDE)
media-sound/qmmp Use kde4 notifier system
net-firewall/ufw-frontends Use kdesu to gain root privileges (note: the flag has lower priority than "policykit")
net-libs/libproxy Enable support for reading proxy settings from KDE
net-print/hplip Enables kde-misc/skanlite as scanner GUI with USE="scanner X"
www-client/opera Install support libraries and runtime dependencies to support KDE desktop integration
www-plugins/adobe-flash Install a KCM plugin for configuring flash player preferences
x11-misc/lightdm Pull in the kde greeter