Local USE flag

Packages describing “legacy-systray” as local USE flag

Package “legacy-systray” Flag Description
dev-db/mysql-connector-c++ Build the legacy 1.x API as well as the DevX API
dev-games/ogre Use the skeletal animation from 1.x. It's much slower, but the new system is still experimental.
dev-haskell/haskeline Use legacy iconv encoding for POSIX. This is only intended for testing.
dev-util/android-ndk Install legacy toolchains
dev-util/edb-debugger Probe if writes to /proc/PID/mem are broken.
dev-vcs/fossil Enable legacy behavior for mv/rm (skip checkout files).
kde-plasma/plasma-meta Add support for legacy applications using kde-plasma/xembed-sni-proxy
media-sound/aqualung Enable system tray support
media-sound/spotify Pulls in dependencies needed for systray support on some desktop environments
sci-libs/cgnslib Enable or disable building legacy code (3.0 compatible)
x11-wm/fluxbox Enables the system tray in the Fluxbox toolbar