Global USE flag

Enable support for multiprocessors or multicore systems

Packages describing “linux-smp-stats” as local USE flag

Package “linux-smp-stats” Flag Description
app-misc/gcstar Enable statistics reporting
app-mobilephone/smstools Enable statistic reporting
dev-libs/jemalloc Enable statistics calculation/reporting
mail-filter/opendkim Add support for statistics (requires 'opendbx' flag)
media-gfx/gimp Enable support for multiprocessors
net-analyzer/snort Enable accurate statistics reporting through /proc on systems with multipule processors.
net-dialup/openl2tp Enable status files. Note: when they are used, this hampers performance of the daemon.
net-dns/knot Enable the server statistics module
net-dns/nsd Enables BIND8 like NSTATS and XSTATS
net-irc/anope Enables the STATS and GSTATS commands
net-p2p/amule Enable statistic reporting
net-p2p/ktorrent Shows statistics about torrents in several graphs
net-proxy/privoxy Keep statistics
net-vpn/ipsec-tools Enable statistics reporting
sci-calculators/datamash Use Linux kernel cryptographic API
sys-apps/flashrom Enable support for Linux userspace spidev interface

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