monkeyd_plugins USE_Expand flag

Provide a shell-like command line interface.

Other “monkeyd_plugins” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use Flag Description
monkeyd_plugins_auth Provide HTTP Basic Authentication.
monkeyd_plugins_cheetah Provide a shell-like command line interface.
monkeyd_plugins_dirlisting Show an HTML listing of the content of a directory.
monkeyd_plugins_liana Build your own network layer through monkeyd.
monkeyd_plugins_logger Log requests and common errors.
monkeyd_plugins_mandril Restrict incoming connections based on the IP address or URI request.
monkeyd_plugins_tls Provide TLS using mbed TLS (formerly known as PolarSSL)Currently disabled.

All packages providing a “monkeyd_plugins_cheetah” USE flag (1)