Packages describing “nettle” as local USE flag

Package“nettle” Flag Description
app-arch/libarchiveUse dev-libs/nettle as crypto backend
app-crypt/rpm-sequoiaUse dev-libs/nettle as a crypto backend
games-action/supertuxkartUse dev-libs/nettle crypto backend
net-fs/s3fsUse dev-libs/nettle network functions with GnuTLS.
net-misc/aria2Use dev-libs/nettle for message digests, plus dev-libs/gmp for bittorrent (if enabled). If this flag is disabled, dev-libs/libgcrypt is used instead. This flag is ignored if dev-libs/openssl is used.
net-misc/chronyUse dev-libs/nettle for hash functions or nts
net-misc/moshUse dev-libs/nettle for some cryptographic functions instead of dev-libs/openssl. With Nettle, some of mosh's own code is used for OCB.
sci-libs/libsigrokEnable drivers that need dev-libs/nettle
sys-fs/cryptsetupUse dev-libs/nettle crypto backend
www-servers/lighttpdUse dev-libs/nettle as crypto backend

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