Local USE flag

Packages describing “non-ether-decoders” as local USE flag

Package “non-ether-decoders” Flag Description
dev-embedded/sdcc Enable non-free runtime library parts
dev-haskell/zlib Execute FFI calls in the context of haskell thread.
games-fps/gzdoom Enable non-free components
games-misc/ponysay Install non-free ponies (i.e. from the MLP franchise)
media-fonts/intlfonts Install non-free Tibetan fonts
net-analyzer/snort Enable decoding of non-ethernet protocols such as TokenRing, FDDI, IPX, etc.
net-vpn/strongswan Force IKEv1/IKEv2 daemons to normal user privileges. This might impose some restrictions mainly to the IKEv1 daemon. Disable only if you really require superuser privileges.