Use nss for crypto operations, if it is the fastest way

Packages describing “nss” as local USE flag

Package “nss” Flag Description
net-p2p/freenet Use nss for crypto operations, if it is the fastest way
app-text/poppler Enable signatures handling with dev-libs/nss
dev-libs/xmlsec Install xmlsec-nss library
app-crypt/qca Enable NSS plugin
net-misc/chrony Use dev-libs/nss for hash functions
net-libs/liboauth Use Mozilla NSS (dev-libs/nss) as hash library; if this is disabled, dev-libs/openssl is used instead.
sys-cluster/kronosnet Add support for tls via nss
dev-libs/apr-util Install apr_crypto_nss module
net-fs/s3fs Enable dev-libs/nss crypto backend
dev-libs/pkcs11-helper Enable NSS crypto engine
net-im/bitlbee Use NSS for SSL support in MSN and Jabber
net-misc/curl Enable nss ssl backend
net-misc/networkmanager Use dev-libs/nss for cryptography
net-libs/czmq Use dev-libs/nss for SHA instead of an internal implementation
net-libs/libsrtp Use NSS crypto primitives
www-servers/lighttpd Build module for TLS via Mozilla's Network Security Services

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