Enable PKCS#11 support for cryptsetup and homed

Packages describing “pkcs11” as local USE flag

Package “pkcs11” Flag Description
sys-apps/systemd Enable PKCS#11 support for cryptsetup and homed
app-crypt/tpm-tools Build Token data management utilities based on OpenCryptoki's (dev-libs/opencryptoki) PKCS#11 implementation.
app-crypt/qca Enable PKCS#11 plugin
net-vpn/openvpn Enable PKCS#11 smartcard support
mail-mta/exim Require pkcs11 support in net-libs/gnutls with USE=gnutls
net-libs/gnutls Add support for PKCS#11 through app-crypt/p11-kit
net-libs/libnma Enable PKCS#11 support in certificate chooser via app-crypt/gcr
net-libs/neon Add support for PKCS#11 using dev-libs/pakchois
www-misc/litmus Support for PKCS #11 through PaKChoiS (dev-libs/pakchois).
sys-apps/rng-tools Enable PKCS11 entropy support
sys-fs/ecryptfs-utils Enable PKCS#11 (Smartcards) key module
net-vpn/strongswan Enable pkcs11 support

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