Install documentation for dev-qt/qtspeech

Packages describing “speech” as local USE flag

Package “speech” Flag Description
dev-qt/qt-docs Install documentation for dev-qt/qtspeech
kde-apps/ktp-text-ui Enable incoming messages to be read out using text-to-speech
gnustep-base/gnustep-gui Audio support using app-accessibility/flite
kde-apps/knights Enable text-to-speech support
kde-frameworks/ktextwidgets Enable text-to-speech support
kde-apps/konqueror Build text-to-speech plugin
kde-frameworks/knotifications Enable text-to-speech notification support
dev-python/pyside2 Build QtTextToSpeech module
net-misc/eventd Enable plugin for Text-To-Speech support
media-sound/mumble Enable text-to-speech support in Mumble.
app-accessibility/brltty speech support
dev-python/PyQt5 Build bindings for the QtTextToSpeech module
dev-python/QtPy Build bindings for the QtTextToSpeech module
kde-apps/kanagram Enable text-to-speech support
kde-apps/okular Enable text-to-speech support
games-engines/scummvm enable text-to-speech support through app-accessibility/speech-dispatcher

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