Global USE flag

Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)

Packages describing “test-suite” as local USE flag

Package “test-suite” Flag Description
app-emulation/faudio Build and run faudio testsuite.
app-misc/lcdproc Enable test menu support for the lcdproc server.
dev-db/mariadb Install upstream testsuites for end use.
dev-db/mysql Install upstream testsuites for end use.
dev-db/mysql-cluster Install upstream testsuites for end use.
dev-haskell/bytes Enable the doctest suite when using the enable-tests option for cabal.
dev-haskell/comonad Run the doctests test suite
dev-haskell/lens Build the test templates if we're building tests
dev-haskell/pandoc-citeproc Build the test-citeproc program
dev-haskell/shakespeare Render tests through roy render function.
dev-haskell/shakespeare-js Test roy.
dev-java/commons-collections Install the test framework
dev-lang/lua Run the complete (non-portable) testsuite
dev-libs/libffi Run extended regression tests (very slow).
dev-libs/libsecp256k1 Enable OpenSSL comparison tests
dev-libs/userspace-rcu Run regression tests (requires FEATURES=test)
media-gfx/alembic Build and run the test-suite
media-gfx/blender Build the provided unit tests.
media-libs/libffado Install standalone test programs
media-libs/portmidi Install various example programs
net-fs/cvmfs Install unit test programs
net-libs/gnutls Enable full test mode
net-wireless/bluez Install tools for testing of various Bluetooth functions
sys-fs/zfs Install regression test suite
x11-libs/libdlo Build the program for testing Displaylink devices.

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