Add support for FreeType and/or FreeType2 fonts

Packages describing “truetype” as local USE flag

Package“truetype” Flag Description
app-misc/lcdprocEnable support for media-libs/freetype in the glcd driver.
media-libs/xine-libUse media-libs/freetype for font rendering and media-libs/fontconfig for font discovery. Enabling this USE flag will allow OSD (such as subtitles) to use more advanced font and to more easily select which font to use. The support for TrueType fonts in xine-lib is still experimental, and might not be as good looking as the bitmap fonts used with this USE flag disabled.
media-video/ffmpegEnables drawtext filter via media-libs/freetype and media-libs/harfbuzz.
sys-boot/grubBuild and install grub-mkfont conversion utility
www-client/netsurfUse media-libs/freetype for text in the framebuffer frontend
x11-libs/libXfont2Use media-libs/freetype for font rasterization.

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