Global USE flag

Install all utilities

Packages describing “utils” as local USE flag

Package “utils” Flag Description
sci-biology/exonerate Install all utilities
games-simulation/flightgear Build various utilities (fgpanel, fgviewer among others)
sys-auth/nss-pam-ldapd Install the command-line utilities
media-libs/speex Enables speex commandline utilities (speexenc, speexdec).
x11-libs/cairo Build support for Cairo script and trace utilities
app-text/xpdf Install command-line PDF converters and various utilities
app-emulation/faudio Build all faudio utilities.
app-text/poppler Install command-line PDF converters and various utilities.
sys-cluster/lustre Enable lustre utils
media-fonts/unifont Install unifont utilities
net-dns/knot Install Knot utilities, such as kdig, kzonecheck, ...
dev-libs/libucl Install utils for checking other configs
net-wireless/gnuradio install scripts to enable viewing and analysis of files produced by flow graphs
net-wireless/uhd utilities needed to list, query, calibrate, or update FPGA/Firmware
sys-auth/passwdqc Install pwqcheck and pwqgen helper utilities
dev-libs/elfutils Install command-line utilities (all the eu-* programs)
dev-libs/folks Build the folks-inspect utility
dev-libs/fstrm Build fstrm utility programs
dev-libs/glib Install gtester-report utility to generate test report files for your software; build gresource utility with ELF support.
dev-libs/libnl Install command line interface utils
dev-libs/nss Install utilities included with the library
net-fs/netatalk Install afpstats script
media-libs/freetype Install utilities and examples from ft2demos
media-libs/libbluray Install command-line utilities and examples
media-libs/leptonica Install command-line utilities
media-libs/libmp4v2 Install command-line utilities
media-libs/openh264 Install the CLI encoder and decoder utilities
media-sound/csound Build stand-alone executables for utilities that can also be used via `csound -U`
net-fs/libnfs Build/install nfs-{cat,ls,cp} utils
net-libs/nghttp2 Install nghttp, nghttpd and nghttpx
sys-libs/readline Install rlfe (ReadLine Front-End) helper tool -- a wrapper program for making any stdin use readline
x11-libs/libva Install VA-API utility programs.