Packages describing “uuid” as local USE flag

Package“uuid” Flag Description
app-admin/rsyslogInclude UUIDs in messages (requires sys-apps/util-linux)
app-arch/dumpEnable UUID support
app-forensics/libewfEnable UUID support in the ewftools
dev-db/postgresqlEnable server side UUID generation (via dev-libs/ossp-uuid).
net-fs/nfs-utilsSupport UUID lookups in rpc.mountd
net-libs/czmqEnable UUID support using sys-apps/util-linux
net-misc/wgetGenerate UUIDs for the WARC (Web ARChive file format) using libuuid; otherwise use a simple RNG (random number generator)
sys-fs/erofs-utilsEnables UUID support via sys-apps/util-linux.
sys-libs/libnvmeUUID support via sys-apps/util-linux
x11-libs/libSMUse UUID for session identification instead of IP address and system time.

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